Build web apps with only Python

Anyone who knows basic Python can develop and share web apps. No Javascript and frontend code is required.

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PyWeb Demo

It's made for:

Engineers and scientists to share domain knowledge and best practices through web apps.
Web developers to quickly prototype a demo or MVP.
Software teams to build internal tools.
Beginner programmers to learn Python through web development.

Features that keep users happy

Clear I/O flow

PyWebIO supports synchronization, callback and coroutine to obtain and process user inputs. No nonsense-"magic".

Low code and flexibility

For existing Python functions, you only need to add a few lines of PyWebIO API calls to transform them into web apps.

Integration with existing web apps

Integrating PyWebIO apps with existing web services is easy. Flask, Django, Tornado, aiohttp, FastAPI are currently supported.

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Library Installations


Option #1: Try it in your browser


Find a demo app that interests you, then click a "Get" button. It opens a cloud IDE.


Read and remix the source code. Preview your version of the app.


Deploy to cloud with one-button-click. Congrats, your app is up and running!

PyWeb App demo

Hello User

(Live demo)
Your first PyWebIO app

PyWeb App demo

Stock Price

(Live demo)
Data processing and visualization

PyWeb app demo

Chat Room

(Live demo)
Asynchronous I/O

Option #2: Try it on your computer


$ pip install pywebio


Follow the tutorials and documentation to start coding in your favorite IDE.


Run your app on localhost, and keep iterating.


Deploy it to any cloud platform of your choice, or simply let host it. Congrats, your app is up and running! 

PyWebIO Tutorial

Creating WebAPP Using Python Without Using HTML And JS

by Krish Naik

- PyWebIO library installation
- Demo of input modules
- Sample app code review

PyWebIO Tutorial

PyWebIO: Write Interactive Web App in Script Way Using Python

by Khuyen Tran

- pip command to install PyWebIO
- Input & output modules
- Two sample apps

PyWebIO Tutorial

How to build your first simple web application in Python with PyWebIO

by Chanin Nantasenamat

- Working with Conda venv
- Sample app: BMI calcolator
- input & output modules