Low code Python web framework

For Python developers who like to build web apps without being bothered by frontend code

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PyWeb Demo

PyWebIO is made for:

Engineers and scientists to share domain knowledge and best practices through web apps.
Web developers to quickly prototype a demo or MVP.
Software teams to build internal tools.
Beginner programmers to learn Python through web development.


Database GUI



Features that keep developers happy

Clear I/O flow

PyWebIO supports synchronization, callback and coroutine to obtain and process user inputs. No nonsense-"magic".

Low code but powerful

There're plenty of pre-built widgets. Experienced web developers also have options to ingest their own front-end code.

Fast performance

PyWebIO has very small memory footprint. Developers can also take advantage of async-calls to speed up web performance.

Let's Start

Watch the demo (1 mins)

pip install pywebio

Use your favorite Python package manager to install PyWebIO on development machine